Porsha Davis’ Can Do Attitude


Porsha was born with hydrocephalus, commonly known as, “Water on the Brain.” Porsha would share this information but not use it as an excuse for anything.  Porsha talked about her strong faith and this is what helped Porsha cope with her challenging condition.

At first meeting Porsha was shy but determined. Porsha was thin and would share that she was very hungry. Her home was full of brothers and sisters and her mother.  Money was not abundant. Porsha would sometimes nod off in the car; hungry and tired.

McDonald’s restaurant, newly renovated, was within walking distance of where Porsha lived. Porsha would frequent McDonalds in search of a job. Finally her determination paid off! Porsha was hired!

Thankfully now, Porsha has put on some much needed weight because she can now afford to eat. Porsha now has dreams that extend past McDonalds. “I want to be a nurse or a teacher.” I would not bet against her; Porsha has the ambition to do what she sets her mind to do and her physical challenges will not get in her way. Porsha often asked about other clients and when she found out they were looking for work she would share, “They will get a job, don’t let them get discouraged.” Porsha is a bright light and she will change the world she touches with her, “Can do” attitude.

Sandy Wright, I CAN Success Coach