Supportive Employment Program

This program is designed to assist clients that need a higher level of support and supervision.

  • VR will refer supportive employment clients to the agency.

  • The employment specialist (ES) will meet with the client to complete a career plan.
  • In this plan, they will map out the individuals job goal, create the plan to acquire employment as well as training and support for ongoing employment success.
  • Once they are hired, then ES will take client to the first day of work and help them fill out necessary paperwork required. The ES ensures that client understands what is expected by employer.
  • The ES stays in close contact with employer and client through phone calls and visits. If issues arise the ES will intervene to resolve and coach the client further.
  • The ES works with the client for 150 days.
  • After 150 of successful employment then the client will be assisted by a supportive employment coach.