Community Support

Part of our mission is to educate employers to understand the need to hire individuals with disabilities and dispel the following negative perceptions — for example,

1. The fear felt by employers that disabled employees will create more work for their supervisors. Another obstacle is lack of external hiring support — the fact that employers will find very few resources on the outside that are available to help recruit the disabled.

2. Job applicants who are disabled “are often reluctant to self-identify as such, for fear that doing so will make them less likely to be hired.

3. The lack of internal hiring support, which is often a budgetary problem arising from the fact that funds don’t exist for creating internal expertise in hiring, accommodating and training people with disabilities.

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business and opportunities. These opportunities translate into, higher revenues, increased profits and lower costs. Hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling an open job.

People with disabilities have historically faced enormous hurdles to getting a job. If they worked at all, it might be in sheltered workshops for significantly less than minimum wage—separate and most definitely unequal workplaces. The employment scenario is hardly any rosier at present, with the unemployment rate for people with disabilities remaining tragically high: 85 % of people with disabilities do not have paid work in the community.

The benefits of hiring people with disabilities:

1. Return on Investment

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits. Capitalize on the ROI of employing people with disabilities.

2. Marketing

Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. They, like other market segments, purchase products and services from companies that best meet their needs. A large number of Americans also say they prefer to patronize businesses that hire people with disabilities. Another of the benefits of employing people with disabilities is increasing your opportunity to gain a lasting customer base.

3. Innovation

Innovation is key to your business’ success. Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products and services. As part of your team, employees with disabilities help build your business and can lead your company into the future.