Darryn Wraps Up Great Job with a Shipping Company


ICAN Living and Learning is focused on helping others, providing opportunities for individuals who need special care to secure employment. Such is the case for Darryn. Darryn’s dream was to work as a package handler. Employment specialist Debbie worked with Darryn, immediately contacting freight companies in his area. She was able to secure a job interview with FedEx when an opportunity opened up. Debbie advised Darryn on the interview and how best to prepare for the meeting. Guess what? Darryn went to the interview and FedEx gave him the job! After the meeting, Darryn was so ecstatic and called Debbie thanking her and giving her the great news. He only wished that he worked with her earlier so she could have gotten the job sooner. Sometimes, it is just a matter of timing and finding the right person to get you that chance. Now, Darryn is starting his new career and looking forward to what else life brings him.

Debbie Telsey, I CAN Vocational Program Director