Samantha Keeps Going Despite Spina Bifida

ICANFL Samantha

We are proud to announce that ICAN has yet another triumph. Samantha, an amazing and confident person, who has been suffering from Spina Bifida, is now working at a movie theater in Plantation selling tickets and as a customer service representative. Samantha walks with great difficulty but that does not keep her from working. She proudly announces, “I love my job. I feel good when I am asked questions and I can answer them even though I have only been here a few months.” What makes her success so worth celebrating is that Samantha overcomes her obstacles with such determination that its effects are contagious to others at her work. Although she is bound to a wheelchair for much of the time, but she told her mother, “Please put my wheelchair in the corner and only give it to me if I really need it.” Samantha is enjoying her success at her job and looking forward to other opportunities to conquer. This is another example of how your spirit can soar, despite setbacks in life.

Sandy Wright, I CAN Success Coach