Maurice’s Success Makes Everyone Smile


Maurice is blessed to be alive today after a major accident caused a traumatic brain injury that many people would not have survived, let alone be smiling years later. Approximately fifteen years ago, Maurice was driving his scooter home from work when he hit a curb and crashed, sending Maurice airborne. The injury that Maurice sustained left him in a coma for two weeks and Maurice ended up not working for almost five years. The brain injury left him with short term memory loss, making it difficult to find consistent work, and creating a major obstacle when working at jobs that requiring Maurice to remember things. After being introduced to ICAN Living and Learning, his coach reviewed Maurice’s case and decided that the best job would be one that the same tasks would be repeated each day that he could accomplish and not overstress his memory. ICAN had Maurice interview at a fitness center as a maintenance worker and it was a great fit. Ever the determined worker, Maurice says that, “If you are on time at work, you are late!” Maurice arrives each day early on his bike, ready to go and gets co-workers and gym patrons pumped to start the day. “The reason I am a success at this job is the people, I like the people,” Maurice says. Maurice’s easy going attitude, broad smile, and work ethic makes him an asset to the fitness center. He is truly a joy to be around.

Sandy Wright, I CAN Success Coach