The Center offers a range of counseling groups. Intake evaluations are required in order to referred to and to participate in all counseling groups unless otherwise indicated. Clients may be referred to a group only at the discretion of a I-CAN social worker to ensure goodness of fit of the group with the client’s therapeutic needs.” All therapy groups are facilitated by group leaders and/or group facilitators.

  • Emotion Regulation - The Emotion Regulation group is a unique blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness skills to help clients to improve their ability to cope with every day stress and navigate relationships successfully. This is a 12-week semi-structured, directive, skills-based group.
  • Interpersonal Growth - This structured skills-based group focuses on improving social skills for adults and building healthier relationships with oneself and others. The group also emphasizes building empathy, assertiveness training, boundary setting, and other interpersonal skills.
  • Adult Counseling Group. - The counseling groups do not have a specific theme, but rather bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds experiencing a range of life’s problems. Through the use of non-directive, client-centered therapy, clients are given the opportunity to work through problems at their own pace and in a nonjudgmental environment of unconditional positive regard. Through the process, clients gain a broader perspective on their issues and benefit from increased self-awareness. Counseling groups are an effective way to gain support, feel better, and support changes you wish to make in your life. Participation in these groups requires an initial evaluation.
  • Young Adults Group. - The young adults group is a weekly semi-structured counseling group for adults in their late teens and early 20s who are currently in college, working, or other life transitions. The group focuses on building relationships, stress management, coping with anxiety and depression, emotion regulation, and other topics.